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Sun, Sin, Sex, Divine Intervention, Death & Destruction

Are You Gonna Go To The Sodom & Gamorrah Show?

Half Angel/Half Tart
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I still have yet to figure out who I am & what I want to be - so I guess the polite way of saying that, is that I am a Renaissance Woman (which sounds really cocky). Despite spending an inordinate amount of time in college for a degree in Art History, I have run the gamut of careers - none of which are even close to my degree: makeup artist, wig builder & have finally ended up working in the concert industry, which I adore. I have a son, Lucas Oliver, who came into my life in June of 2003. I love being with him, as he made me start putting issues into perspective. Being a single, working mother is difficult, but like the myriads before me, I would not change it for the world. It is such a sense of fulfillment.

I do not suffer fools easily.


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